Search Results

Number of Records

The number of textiles retrieved by each search is shown near the top of each Search Results display, along with the number of the current page and the total number of records.

Search Results List

The results of your search are formatted as a numerical list of textiles with basic information and thumbnail images, if available. To view more information, click anywhere in the text or on the thumbnail image, and a Detail view will open.

Moving through the Results

In the List/Images and List views, clicking on any object will open up more information in a Detail view. In the Detail view, you can move through the resulting pages using the arrows near the top.

Modifying or Starting a New Search

Use the Home and Advanced Search buttons to try another search. Search criteria are not retained when you return Home or move to the Advanced Search. If conducting elaborate searches, keep notes of which fields you are querying so you can return to or vary them in the future.

Detail View

Full details for each textile are shown on its Detail page. This page includes a yarn analysis table, if available, toward the bottom of the record. This page will also show you all images available for the textile.

See the What’s in the Database? page for more information about the data displayed.